For the Reef

How we give back

Every purchase gives back

Ocean Armour was born from our love of our oceans, and the marine life that call them home. We create our changing ponchos and beach towels with sustainability in mind.

We also want to give back now - we donate 10% profits to marine conservation to protect our reefs for generations to come.

Donating 10% profits to
Manta Trust

Every purchase of our Manta Ray Changing Ponchos and Beach Towels give back!
Manta Trust is focused on conservation through Research, Education & Collaboration.

Their goal is a sustainable future for the oceans, where manta rays and their relatives thrive in healthy, diverse marine ecosystems. A goal that we can all get onboard with, right?

Donating 10% profits to
Citizens of the great barrier reef

Every purchase of our Turtle & Whale Shark Changing Ponchos and Beach Towels give back!

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef drive People-Powered reef conservation.

You can join everyday cititzens around the world in taking meaningful action for the Great Barrier Reef and reefs across the globe.